Heralds of Pinot Grigio in Friuli Grave

We are winegrowers and, for the past three generations, we have been working to highlight the exceptional character of Friuli’s Grave appellation. Our wines are exclusively sourced from our vineyards and our focus is on Pinot Grigio, vinified in four different interpretations.

We are not afraid to go against the tide when the drive is one’s own idea rather than market trends. This is why, in a region well known for the Colli areas, we proudly invested in the Flatlands, where we discovered underappreciated terroirs with an exceptional potential. In a region well known for its whites, our first holistic approach to winemaking was with an appassimento red, as well as macerated and co-fermented wines, styles bearing the Friulian winemaking heritage, which we vinify since the early 2000s.

We believe in balanced, patient, and persistent wines: the equilibrium between the varietal character and the touch of the winemaker; the composure of the await – we don’t need to enjoy wine, there is no rush, and hence we release our wines when they are capable of expressing at best, strong of a proper evolution. The persistence of ample wines, identified by captivating tensions, minerality, and an alcohol volume manifesting our terroirs.

We welcome you to discover each and everyone of our wines and the philosophy driving them, to discover who we are, and what makes our terroirs unique. Don’t take only our word: read what others say about us.

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