Sauvignon 2020

Golden instead of blanc

On an imaginary line that connects Marlborough and the Loire, somewhere along the way there is Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thanks to this land’s peculiarities and remarkable microclimate and soil, we are able to obtain a distinctive Sauvignon, finding in its balance a true testimony of our terroir.

Sauvignon Blanc is a variety native to the Loire, arrived in our region towards the second half of the 19th century as part of the post-downy mildew European vine resettlement. In Friuli (and South Tyrol) the cultivar found a perfect habitat, where the cool microclimate lay the ground for a full expression of its splendid aromatics.

Soil, climate, farming practices, and harvest time are all factors that significantly impact the quality of Sauvignon. The wealth of aromatic precursors it carries engulfs the winery during fermentation, gifting us with perfumes ranging from green peppers, to tomato leaf, to tropical fruits. As vine growers, it is our duty to protect and nurse this treasure until the wine is bottled.

Sauvignon is an international variety, today present in most wine regions and well known to everyone. We, in this little corner of the World, cradle it between our mountains and sea, where it expresses at best its harmonic combination of elegance and vibrancy, freshness and structure, celebrating the mark our region blesses all of our wines with: balance.

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