Refosco 2013

Native grapes

Throughout the centuries, Friuli has undergone many invasions and, just like wind models rocks, history shapes traits of populations and trends of nature. The roots of the Refosco vine are mindful of the past and reflect this in their fruits. Just like Friulian people, Refosco has a strong character that may seem strict and shy at first, but if given the chance unveils as generous and gentle, revealing an unforgettable softer inner core.

A genetic exception within the Refoschi family, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso carries a figurative significance, a weight – as expressed by its high concentrations of polyphenols and dry extract – and a predisposition to ageing that make it stand on its own. It’s the cultivar we chose for our wine from native red grapes.

The origins of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso (so called because of the rachis turning red as full ripeness approaches) are strictly correlated to the historical relevance of Friuli: as a melting pot between Italy and Eastern Europe, it was through commercial exchanges that Marzemino, coming from the West, matched with a (still unidentified) variety of Balkan provenance, giving birth to Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.

Given its traits of generous acidity and mild tannins, we vinify Refosco only after naturally drying the clusters in a process known as appassimento. An extended maceration, combined with oak barrel aging, favor the revelation of the wine’s truly Friulian character: austere yet affable, structured and elegant.

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