My Time 2016

A willful wine with its own sense of Time

Mother Nature knows no deadlines or urgencies and takes all the time she needs to “do her job” in the best way possible. Maybe this is the secret behind her majesty and we must learn from her that, by respecting her Time, she will be generous in return! In making this wine, we leave ourselves in the hands of the vines’ rhythm, and we dedicate it to the wisdom of Nature by which we are inspired every day.

Before modern times, harvesting and fermenting different grapes together was not uncommon. Yet, with the growing (and at times borderline feverish) focus on single varietal wines or the fall back to the more contemporary and analytical blends, co-fermented wines almost faded away. Luckily, in Friuli, a hard core of visionary winemakers held tightly to such heritage.

My Time is a wine honoring the strongholds of agricultural life: the unrepeatable feats of each vintage and the humble esteem for Nature’s ineluctable pace. Co-fermented blends, in fact, carry an inescapable compromise: although all grapes vinify together, each has a different moment of peak ripeness. The winemaker must choose, every vintage, the most appropriate moment. The balance borne out of the different grapes becoming wine as one is amongst the most unrepeatable and ethereal experiences the winemaker can share of its terroir and philosophy.

In the few special vintages it’s made, My Time takes shape from a selection of our white grapes and, after fermentation and élevage in different vessels, it rests for all the time it needs. An ode to a slower pace of life and to the art of patiently waiting, just as its grapes do, for just outcomes savored with a wholesome consciousness and appreciation.

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