Merlot 2017

We say “MerlòT”, not “Merlò”

Terroir, personality and backbone. A wine with large shoulders! Merlot bears the character and the tenacity of the land and people of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A variety whose presence in Italy dates back to the late 19th century, when it was brought over from the Gironde, today Merlot is the second most planted cultivar in our region. Although easily adaptable in most terroirs, it shines in clay-rich soils and cool climates – said conditions, characteristic of famed Bordeaux, are also present in Friuli, which is not only located on the same parallel, but bears enough similarities that the Bordeaux subregion of Graves inspired the naming of our appellation: Grave.

Merlot is a wine with soft tannins, a round texture, and distinct varietal aromas, capable of pleasing most palates. In our classic interpretation, we want to share its beloved identity and the capacity to fit in everyday contexts without losing sight of the noble identity it carries.

Fermentation in stainless-steel and a short élevage in oak barrels of different ages and sizes contribute to a balanced expression of both varietal notes and a severe, genuine texture: a true expression of Friulian reds.

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