Mattia {Beyond Pinot} 2017

Venturing {beyond} the surface

Pinot Grigio: a patient wine, witness of substance and context. Its free spirit bears unicity and personality and reminds us to always look Beyond. We feel the responsibility of giving a voice to a great cultivar that is sometimes misunderstood.

Variety whose great character has long been disregarded in face of a poor reputation, its perception has long been (and still is) that of a “no-brainer” wine, supposed to be drunk young and fresh. Not to us. Our work wants to advocate and promulgate the prominence of this cultivar – hence, we vinify each of our plots separately, highlighting the distinctive features of each provenance.

{Beyond Pinot} was born almost by chance with the 2015 vintage: barely two hectoliters sourced from a limestone-rich 30 years old vineyard, shaped by a passage in big neutral oak barrels. This wine harmonizes the delicate varietal notes of Pinot Grigio with an uncommon texture as tertiary aromas, almost a foreign concept when thinking of Pinot Grigio, join the stage, aided by dauntless choices for maturation vessels and élevage.

As the fourth rendition of our Pinot Grigio grapes, {Beyond Pinot} embodies the most plenary vision for this cultivar and hence the most balanced one, joining one carrying a contemporary spirit of freshness – a classic Italian white – and two honoring the historical relevance of maceration. Mattia {Beyond Pinot} is the pinnacle of our terroir’s and philosophy’s potential.

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