Lara [Sunset Scent] 2018

Inspired by all that lies ahead

The rooftop of the vineyards is the sky: as much generous as unpredictable, silent but authoritative, it has the last word on all our daily efforts. We are so tiny in front of its majesty but in the evening, when the Sunset comes and we pause, we can understand the beauty of limits, of the “ends”… and everything becomes more human. Varietal power and elegance, character and balance, blending together and taking form into a wine that carries a message of balance.

Originated from the crossing between Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc, Chardonnay has taken over the World from its birthplace in Burgundy. In Italy, despite being present since the 19th century, its life has been a tormented one: often confused with Pinot Blanc, it was recognized as a cultivable variety only in 1978 (before this, Italian Chardonnay officially did not exist).

In 2015 Lara inaugurates her tenure at the winery and, from a small cru of barely 2 acres facing South-East, she initiates a project carried on solely in the most suitable vintages: a Chardonnay whose distinctive varietal aromas bond with, but aren’t overwhelmed by, the elegant texture gifted from the élevage in oak, hence realizing an holistic vision for a wine that recognizes in Time a most resourceful ally.

Chardonnay’s binomial stuns us every time: it’s the white wine par excellence, having paved the history of many great wines, yet it’s a humble variety whose adaptability and resilience championed the cultivar’s propagation in strikingly diverse terroirs. The spirit of Chardonnay is shaped by the winemaker upbringing it, hence becoming the perfect advocate of its terroir.

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