ILRamato 2020

ILRamato: the loved one

A word game between “Ramato”, meaning “copper”, and “amato”, which stands for “loved one”. It is not an Orange Wine, it is not a Rosè… It’s just ILRamato. A Ramato style wine that conceals the freshness, texture, and charm of Pinot Grigio. Like a bridge between the worlds and interpretations of Pinot Grigio, ILRamato is able to uncover a forgotten wine pleasure.

Behind the purple/grayish color of the Pinot Grigio berries is a rare concentration of anthocyanins – the colored pigments so common in red grapes but almost non-existent in their white counterparts. Although, ironically, Pinot Grigio is most often thought of as an almost transparent wine – in color and character – some vinification techniques (similar to those for red wines) unveil its true copper hues and spirit.

With ILRamato, we harvest the clusters at their peak ripeness and, destemmed, the grapes macerate at a low temperature. This way, the must is able to extract the iconic color from the grapeskins ahead of fermentation, hence maintaining a contemporary brightness and fragrance.

Although a common way of fermenting white grapes until the ‘50s, maceration was quickly dismissed as archaic once new technologies were made available and its use faded. Connecting the two visions, ILRamato is a contemporary interpretation of Pinot Grigio made “like we used to”. Its freshness, aromatics, and sapidity are an initiation to the complex world of Pinot Grigio, further magnified by fermentative macerations and unhurried maturations in oak vessels, such as with our XL.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link and everything is important: proud of its progressive, free message, we encouraged experimentation in pairing ILRamato in a selection of unique cocktails, obtaining these exciting results – born out of heterogeneous creativity and intrepidity – we are proud to share.

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