Friulano 2020

The roots of Friuli

Only the borders of our region are as troubled and disputed as the name and identity of this variety, nevertheless we consider Friulano the native varietal par excellence. The innate balance and elegance expressed through its wines faithfully portray our surroundings and the essence of our region.

The origins of Friulano have long been debated. While it was mentioned in Friuli as early as the 17th century, the variety most likely reached our Land in the 19th century from its homeland in the Gironde – where the very few vines left of it are known as Sauvignonasse. Strong of a remarkably similar terroir, Friulano adapted well and grew to become one of the most representative grapes of Friuli.

Although it’s a non-aromatic variety, Friulano shows off iconic almond and wildflower aromas. To preserve this delicate varietal expression, its grapes – unlike all others – are squeezed following pressure instead of pH marks, while the vinification is carried on exclusively in stainless steel vats.

This cultivar has grown to become the most respected spokesperson of our region: it’s the expression of Friuli’s aptitude for great white wines, capable of evolving and elevating with time, and hence we fiercely consider this grape emotionally Friulian.

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