Campo del Viotto 2016

Wise old vines that know the virtue of Time

Merlot has a deep and powerful soul. The wisdom of old vines that know the virtue of Time enhances Merlot’s innate depth and intensity while the aging in barrels unveils the mysterious complexity of this noble wine.

Grape who mothered some of the greatest wines in history, Merlot inebriated the World in the ‘90s only to later suffer the consequences of fading trends as over plantation and industrial practices contributed to a sharp decline in consumption. It’s a variety that adapts easily – which also explains its presence in so many winemaking regions – yet, when treated thoughtfully and with respect in the vineyard and in the winery, Merlot gifts us with wines of inimitable quality.

The vines prosper in our only cru of Merlot by virtue of both the sharp late summer thermal excursions as well as the soil – heavy with clasts and balanced with limestone and clay. For Merlot, these conditions forge the optimal ripening conditions and an aptitude for long maturations, making this cultivar a superb witness of the profound bond between our terroir and its birthplace in the Gironde.

While so similar, we found that our Merlot benefits from a short period of appassimento, in which clusters are harvested and dry naturally before fermenting – this process, made famous in northeastern Italy, prompts a concentration of tannins and natural sweetness. Following fermentation and a prolonged maceration, the wine matures long enough to develop delightfully complex and profound tertiary aromas, yet never overcoming the varietal expression.

Campo del Viotto embodies the rebel energy of Scarbolo. In a land of whites, we inaugurated our Principles wines with a red. Where our surroundings were classified as quantity-driven, we initiated our project highlighting a different vision.

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