Among the vines and between the barrels

Our wines are an expression of our terroir, interpreted by our hands, following the principles that drive us.

Some, like Pinot Grigio, Friulano, Sauvignon, ILRamato, and Merlot are pure laudations of our Land’s character, in a contemporary interpretation. These wines are made from single cultivars, vinify and mature in stainless steel (except Merlot, which undergoes a brief and partial passage in oak) to avoid overcasting the varietal aromas, and mature on the noble lees, highlighting at every step the fragrance and candor of the primary aromas.

Lara [Sunset Scent], Mattia {Beyond Pinot}, My Time, XL, Campo del Viotto, and Refosco fully embrace, each in its own way, our love for the idea of balance. Primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas coexist in harmony as a function of time that allows the wines to respire and evolve. The variety gives space to the principle, to the idea, which are revealed in total freedom.

ILRamato 2020


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{Beyond Pinot} 2018


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My Time 2018


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XL 2019


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