Our principles

We often (and proudly) know to follow the impetous wisdom of the heart rather than make computed choices. Our vineyards were planted in a well-suited yet not famed vinegrowing area in the plains and our daily work is meant to communicate its expression at best while celebrating its characters of elegance, consistency, and, above all, balance. This uphill climb ignited our tenacity, while the lack of expectations to fulfill gifted us the freedom to fully express the most unyielding facets of our character.

Wine is an ambassador of Terroir, that is a given. Yet, the human factor is not only an indispensable one: it is the most frail and fickle and hence the nodal one in defining the character of a wine. This is an opportunity Nature bestows us that we are grateful for and we take it proudly: our wines reflect our values through their contemporary, idyllic, and harmonious identity.

Together with our efforts for the acknowledgment of our Terroir is our love for a great “underdog”: Pinot Grigio, an emblematic variety of this corner of Italy, whose strong character is obvious just at the sight of its purple skin, and which has fallen victim of human workings that debased it. By vinifying four different interpretations, we want to highlight the wealth and precious diversity of this grape.

It’s not only about making the best wine we can – we want to do something we believe in.

The following principles drive us and inspire our work, among the vine rows and between the barrells:

Wine is a vessel: through it we are empowered to communicate the singularity of our Terroir.

A Land is only as good as the Hand working it… While Nature is the foundation, from it we build our Credo with freedom and clarity.

…and its roof is the sky. Every year is different, our wines cherish and highlight with tolerance the uniqueness of each and every vintage.

We stand on the shoulders of giants by relying on the work of our Ancestors. Yet we see this as a launch platform and not a cage. We must do our part and Tradition is not a sacred concept.

Believe in what you do and communicate it well. We are proud and aware of every choice we make and why we do it (it has to be logic!). If we do it, we stand by it.

Our symbols represent us. Just like the growing Wheels, we never stop moving and we take every chance to do better.


The wheels

“Day after day, we are faced with new opportunities and challenges, and it is up us to be able to best interpret these occasions and… get the wheels turning!”

Life is marked by cycles, and governed by few, strict rules set out by Mother Nature: the sun and the moon rise and set, the days and seasons succeed each other, death follows life, and all this repeats infinitely without particular changes. 

These concepts forge the everyday life of all beings, offering them the certainties on which build their own experience, following the rhythms of nature and making peace with the most incomprehensible natural events. The wheel as a symbol represents the concept of the process of becoming. Wheels entail being powerful and having the energy to advance forward, overcoming all the obstacles, steep climbs and, sharp bends, by adopting a dynamic approach all the way.

Wheels represent the cycle of life, which though filled with changes and challenges, always offers an alternative, a second chance; a chance to improve and learn the lesson for tomorrow.

Our history

Gino, a hardworking member of a tenant-farming family, was also responsible for the production of the wine of the estate on which the Scarbolo family lived. Over the seasons he developed a propensity and a particular feeling for winemaking that left a mark.

With great enthusiasm and passion, in the fifties Gino moved to Lauzacco whit his family, where he had purchased his own fields and had decided to grow grapes among other crops. Indeed, he started producing wines which he sold locally in bulk, and started setting the foundations of the winery as we know it today.

In 1982, Valter, who had grown up learning the dedication and passion for winegrowing from his dad, decided to study viticulture and oenology to continue the family business with a further qualitative leap: he planted his first vineyard inspired by the French school, which was characterized by narrow plant density and low yields, and began selling the wine in bottles rather than in bulk.

Vintage after vintage, the vineyards grew in number and Scarbolo took up the current profile. The traces of the tractor wheels left behind since 60 years ago are continued today by Valter and Maria Grazia together with Lara and Mattia, who have injected fresh energy and creativity into the family winery leading it to a new chapter.

  • 1940s

    Our ancestors in the aftermath of World War II (Gino, far left)

  • 1953

    Newly moved to Lauzacco, Gino at the “Blessing of the Tractors”

  • 1982

    Valter focuses on wine: from selling bulk in carboys to the first labels

  • 1988

    Technology is honed: first stainless steel tanks in the winery below our house

  • 1990

    Rebels from the start, our first selection wine is a red: Campo del Viotto

  • 2000

    The estate grows and seven new vineyards, cultivated with Pinot Grigio and Friulano, are planted 

  • 2008

    XL and My Time 2006, odes to tradition, are ready to be released to the world

  • July 23, 2010

    A tornado: the untamable forces of nature have ripped the winery open

  • 2016

    The wheels start turning and three new white wines are introduced

  • 2017

    Lara and Mattia: the young generation starts working alongside the old one

  • 2019

    XL takes a new, extra-large form, revealing its untamed character

  • 2020

    Building of the new Scarbolo winery starts and with it a new chapter begins


The people

Valter Scarbolo

“Keep the wheels turning”

I chose to grow vines and make wine because I fell in love with the magic of this work and the procedures connected to one another I saw my dad carry out with great dedication.

Through example, he taught me the enthusiasm and the respect with which you need to go about managing the vineyard.

I simply followed my heart and got “our wheels turning”, and now we have a path the whole family is following.

Maria Grazia Beltrame

“One step at a time ceaselessly, without haste, like a feline”

…and slowly, little by little, I became fascinated and increasingly involved in this magnificent world. I work with the family mostly taking care of the “paperwork and managing the numbers”, but I do also carry out lots of other tasks around the estate and winery.

Bujar Kuqi

“The youth run fast but the old folk know the way to go”
For the last 22 years I have witnessed and been part of the growth of the Scarbolo brand, and I am determined to continue putting my heart and soul towards ever greater achievements. Today I am Valter’s “right arm man” in the vineyards.

Shkelzen Syrtari

“A good farmer dies where he is born”
A came to Scarbolo 16 years ago and it feels as if it were yesterday. How time flies! As many young people, I didn’t know what I wanted to became or do as a grownup, but this idea immediately interested me: make wine first in the vineyard and only then in the winery, by obtaining only one kilogram of grapes per vine from which produce only one bottle of wine! I take care both of the vineyards and of the winery.

Lara Scarbolo

“In a world on wings, be the wheel on the ground”

I love all that has to do with creativity and nature, which for me are synonyms of freedom. I studied Viticulture and Oenology and keep learning and progressing, day by day. In our wine you can find the experience and heritage of our family, and every bottle is dedicated to our future.

Mattia Scarbolo

“Severity and perseverance, are values I rediscovered overseas”
Following an education and career in finance, a field that is definitely far from that of agriculture, I returned to my family roots with great enthusiasm. I devote my work to spreading word of our brand, communicating the ethos of our work, and promoting our wines once they are ready to leave our cellar.

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